InterTAK Diagnostic Score

The InterTAK Diagnostic Score predicts the probability of the diagnosis of a Takotsubo cardiomyopathy event and differentiates patients from Acute coronary syndrome. The InterTAK Diagnostic Score is based on data from the International Takotsubo Registry and includes 7 clinical variabels that can be easily applied without using invasive imaging tools. The maximal score yields 100 points.

Female Sex (25 points)
Emotional Stress (24 points)
Physical Stress (13 points)
No ST-Segment Depression (12 points)
Acute, Former or Chronic Psychiatric Disorder (11 points)
Acute, Former or Chronic Neurological Disorder (9 points)
Prolonged QTc Time (Female > 460ms; Male > 440ms) (6 points)

Total InterTAK Diagnostic Score:
Probability of Takotsubo:%